Log in to view your list of favourite games. the base BONED mod as well as in the PN Edition. Changed progression and changed around levels that armors begin to appear on NPCs as well. 1.9 - Minor missed fixes for TTW AI Packages. Fixes Midwestern Power armor to only carry itself not itself and 100 extra pounds. DreadNaught, Kaelis Ebonrai aka Knux Econa - Armored Scribe Robes - Diversifies armor sets across factions based on rank. PN Patch updated to actually include the T-51b helmet. Few level list corrections. Reassigned items with TTW level list to go more with the flow of my diversification. Changed the exact method to get Adanced Power Armor from Remnants. 5.0.3 - Minor script fix for displays. Merged Patch recreated but contains the functions of all patches. 1 Synopsis 2 Walkthrough 2.1 Flight to the Citadel 3 Bugs Now that James is free from Vault 112, he, Madison Li, and her team can revive Project Purity. This means FNC is no longer a dependency for any part of this mod. A video showing how to get the power armor early. Went through meshes and corrected glowing issues (process takes some time if any are missed report it. When logged in, you can choose up to 12 games that will be displayed as favourites in this menu. 2. clean sets of the armor (non faction). Outcast given a set of "Hardened Combat Armor" which is their replacement for Combat Armor. Broken Power Armors, or Power Armors behind merchants given non-lootable displays. Readded the Tribal T-51b Helmet I missed when rebuilding the folder. Since this change was done Prototype Advanced Power Armor MK. 4.0 - Reworked the Power Armor Training Perk. The rest of the small quests trigger contextually as you go along the quests in the game. Outcast given a combat armor variation to integreate into their level lists. The training negates Fixed already existing activators. xD Fast Shot is a lot more balanced in this NV mod. 1.8.2 - Tesla Powerd Armor name changed to Tesla Metal Armor...I forgot to do this in 1.8.1 so a mini-update. Addition of DC BoS specfic Recon Armor. - Advanced Power Armor uses Remnants base with a fresh look. 4.1 - Finally just removed problem textures for CBoS troops and Outcast. Missed the head scribe and senior scribe at Hidden Valley in latest additions...and that is it. i've noticed the weight values increase as i've increased the capacitors, but have no clue what weight will do. They seemed to not have their collision geometry exported but that has been addressed. Fixed Advanced Tesla not having the proper enhancements. Power Armor Training is a perk in Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas. :: Requirements:: Defender (and equivilant) wear one set of T-51b, Protectors (and equivilant) wear the other set. The first rank is called Lord Death, the second rank is called Lord Death of Murder Mountain, and the third rank is called Apocalypse Ain't Got Nothin' On Me. The powerful open-source mod manager from Nexus Mods. Bring over power armor? 2.6.6 - Recompressed textures for T-51b seeing if that fixes pixilation of the armor textures. - glow effects added (not perfect) Tesla Metal added to Torres and Durga vendor lists (they don't have many and they shouldn't respawn making it rareish). The elegant, powerful, and open-source mod manager, Upgrade your account to unlock all media content, To enjoy the benefits of Nexus Mods, please log in or register a new account. Salvaged Power Armor stats are uneffected by this change. Hardened T-45d (powered only) given a specific texture as well. - Added a Prototype Advanced Power Armor Mk. Moreno's APA2 is the same but Daisy and Johnson now just lower the fields for you to grab the armor. - Outcast have 2 sets of T-51b. It provides a Damage Resistance of 18, as well as a bonus of 3 to both Unarmed and Melee Weapons. Outcast Trust Quest fixed to accept the new Outcast T-45d Armor. FNC Patch now activates the quest for PAPA3 and adds Salvaged Advanced Power Armor into the Vipers lists for Leaders. Removal of that version of the armors means esps were cleaned from the standard BONED - TTW and the PN Patch removing records pointing to that armor set. NV has the concept of faction armor, you wear a certain faction's costume and they don't try to kill you if you have a bad reputation. Theres not much info on it. (edited by administrators) 0. Just wanna mess around a bit :). 2.7.1 - Update to Hardcore edition adding a set of APA2 inside Raven Rock and fixing the favor granting for Outcast to give correct T-45d set. micalov - Stealth Suit retextures The training negates these drawbacks by restoring those buffs. Power Armor is now wearable by default. :: Credits :: Lyons moved to his original robe (I actually like it). Activators created for most of the power armors, even if not yet in use. BONED - TTW FNC Patch dropped for a Continuity Patch (adds in armors from another of my mods for FNC). T-51b Helmet now gives the proper +2 Chrasima and not +12. Sentinel Lyons given proper T-51b Power Armor. III is still in the mod and at (in all editions now) its original location. Addition of better texture for DC BoS T-51b. Fell like a big ol' dumb-dumb for finally noticing somewhere along the line APA2 got removed from Upperbody. III quest removed from the FNC Patch edition (back to standard) as it was becoming a nightmare to troubleshoot. Mojave BoS given a similar retexture as above but this suit does grant bonuses to Sneak. Worse case scenario its the quest is bugged for me and I should probally just load an old save but if anybody has an idea of what it might be I would appreciate it. Archeria (APA2 textures), - Enclave given a set of T-51b Power Armor worn by Initiates (there are a few in the game). - Several optional armors thrown into the Wasteland as nods or for fun (I don't plan to give locations away). Changed DC BoS Combat Armor Helmet People who moved to Raider throwdown armor is a variant of the raider armor. 2.5.1 - T-51b Helmet now gives the proper +2 Chrasima and not +12. MikaelGrizzly for the Brotherhood Combat Armor mesh and textures Enclave lists tweaked - T-57c added and made into Prototype Medic T-57c Power Armor Also corrected potential mesh issue with Capitol T-51b sets. The problem is, that faction armor resets all your faction stats, so factions that idolize you will no longer recognize you. 1 Effects 1.1 Fallout 3 1.2 Fallout: New Vegas 1.2.1 Notes This perk allows one to use any kind of power armor in the game. Recap: +1 GECK, +1 vertibird plans, FO3 in TTW NV next. Tribal T-45d moved to a non-power armor with a helmet added. Reassigned items with TTW level list to go more with the flow of my diversification. - Vault-Tec Power Armor thrown into the wasteland to be found. All armor has had it's carry weight buff reduced by 15, strength boost reduced by 1, and an agility penalty of 2 (-2 to agility) added. Tesla Powerd Armor name changed to Tesla Metal Armor...I forgot to do this in 1.8.1 so a mini-update. Increased diversity of armor for Citadel Initiates. Any mods that alter base effects or only modify base armors will not effect the additional armors in this mod. Side Quest: 1 Answer Armor condition lowered but scales with level. This mod runs off its own object effects and creates several new formids. Patches added for the TTW T51 Display mod. (glow effects added (not perfect), a few wires added, fixed shoulder issues. 2.0.1 - Fixed leveled lists to spawn the proper armors. Potential fix for invisible Advanced Power Armor Mk. Esp created that merges all the patches together. Lyons will give correct Lyons' Pride T-45d now. Salvaged Power Armor stats are uneffected by this change. FNC Patch now activates the quest How To Get Free T 45d Power Armor In Fallout New Vegas. To help with this a new recipe was added to "clean" the armors. Also the Hardened Power Armor cabilities have been increased. - Power Armor Scaling Patch adds a change in height for Power Armor (making it bulkier). - Initiates given a Mojave specific variation on Combat Armor. Corrected Moreno's quest marker for the Enclave quest. hereticus (Midwestern PA Textures), Changed Outcast Combat Armor to a model that looks like Stealth Armor Mk. … 7. This is actually pretty simple. :: Incompatabilities :: Where a can repair wepon and armor? Some of these armors are wasteland dependant. Power Armor Training is a Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas perk. Bwones for his Power Armour Scaling Mod The original Prototype Advanced Power Armor Mk. Stashes removed from master list (had them for sure fire compatibility but changed my mind). Salvaged Advanced hotfix rolled into main download. This page contains item codes for the various equippable items found in Fallout: New Vegas. 1.8.1 - Finalized integration into TTW 3.2 level lists. Fixed already existing activators. - Remnants get minor tweaks. It can be repaired using all variants of raider armor found in The Pitt, as well as raider armors from the Capital Wasteland. 4,290,515. II moved to a more classic look with FNV themes incorporated. Hardcore - Outcast Trust quest fixed to give proper set of T-45d. Side Quest: 2 Answers: How do I get to the Boomers without being blown up? To get the necessary knowledge on how to clean these armors you must acquire a perk that the NCR would have knowledge in since they clean and repaint Power Armor Sets. Klaleara 9 years ago #1. Opening the Console : To open the console in Fallout New Vegas, press the ~ key while you are in the game. Project Nevada Core Texture fix for Outcast Combat Helmets. Casdin unmarked quest fixed to accept the T45 armors. If you wish to add anything from here into a mod of your own I would go ask them for their permission. Power Armor is now wearable by default. - T-51b, Advanced/Tesla, and T-57c (PN edition) given Medium A powered exoskeleton (also known as power armor, powered armor, powered suit, exoframe, hardsuit, or exosuit) is a wearable mobile machine that is powered by a system of electric motors, pneumatics, levers, hydraulics, or a combination of technologies that allow for limb movement with increased strength and endurance. 5.1.2 - Displays and activators places within the wasteland. III and given a new mesh and textures. 5.1.5 - Patch created for Book of Steel - Compability Edition. changed to have a mix of recon armor and combat armor. Knight Captain Colvin moved to Lyons' Pride T-45d Armor. Then there's the Power Armor quest (No Rest For The Wicked) which triggers as soon as you enter the Citadel in the FO3 main quest line. The Power Armor is a set of five pieces from Modular Powersuits that can be modified with a variety of modules to enhance the wearer's attack, defense, movement, and vision capabilities. These require Outcast Scribes added to the Fort and Outpost. To jump to a section, click Re-pathed certain item meshes as necessary to clean some of the Since the PAPA3 Quest was removed scripts and meshes cleaned up in Power Armor training can be received by Paladin Gunny, at the Citadel.When you receive the training, you're allowed to wear any power armor in the game, including, the Enclave Power Armor and the Brotherhood Power Armor.You can also receive this training right away once you … Elder McNamera given a nice retexture of Auutums coat made to look like Maxon's coat in FO4 (it is rather fitting). - Enclave armor for capital revamped. Added enclave style recon armor for them to "wear" under power armor. PN Patch updated to actually include the T-51b helmet. :: Optional Requirements :: 1 Effects 1.1 Fallout 3 1.2 Fallout: New Vegas 1.2.1 Notes 2 References This perk allows one to use any kind of power armor in the game. Fixed a few DC Scribes not wearing the correct robes. Book of Steel - Compability Edition Armor aquisitions for some T-51bs move to display activators. :: Installation :: Condition of the armors lowered across the board. To help with this a new recipe was added to "clean" the armors. - a few wires added Armor defensive stats fall in line with Stealth Suit Mk. Installation: Install TTW Interiors Core v4.3.2, and _TTW Interiors Combo v6.4 main files, TTW Interiors The Mad Bomber's Workshop v3.1 optional file, NMC NVInt - TTW Int compatibility Patch Large v2.0, and FPGE - TTW Interiors Patch v1.1 miscellaneous files - They retain their old looking armor for Advanced and Tesla. Patches added for the TTW T51 Display mod. From that it sounds a bit more complicated than simply putting on a … The first is for the player to follow the main quest. Lord Death is a challenge perk that can be completed in Fallout: New Vegas. Hereticus DaiShi AnOneTwo for the Midwestern PA armor PN Patch updated to account for NCR T45 helmet. given non-lootable displays. Capital BoS Scribe robes added back into the directory. - A Remnants Advanced Power Armor Mk. 4.0 - Reworked the Power Armor Training Perk. This effects ONLY actual Power Armor. Glow maps for DC Enclave helmets fixed (Advanced and Tesla Advanced Helmets should now have eye glow). (Required), Brotherhood Outcasts NCR Enclave Diversified - TTW - Power Armor Overhaul 2, Chinstraps added to higher level combat armor helmets. III with a variation on the mesh and texture. Name Description Availability ALPHA: A reprogrammed Fort Daggerpoint Alpha droid. McNamara and Senior Scribes given proper outfits. 5.0.1 - Minor changes to base mod. 2.6.4 - Fixes armor for Falls Church Brotherhood Paladins and corrects Enclave APA1 Helmet mesh. They generally just sandbox inside Fort Independence and VSS but the assets were already there to put them in so I did. The training negates Fixes armor for Falls Church Brotherhood Paladins. - NCR given a variation on T-51b Power Armor that is salvaged. NCR Level list tweaked to create more diversity for the two armors (randomly assigned with level scaling). The command player.addperk 00058fdf will give you the Power Armor Training perk. mutieblaster Enclave Relic Armor AnOneTwo for Vault-Tech Power Armor meshs and textures Shushoni (and statichairguy who Shishoni bases the textures off of for T-51b Textures), 2.6.5 - Potentially fixed Advanced Power Armor 2 invisibile body. 1 Effects 1.1 Fallout 3 1.2 Fallout: New Vegas 1.2.1 Notes This perk allows one to use any kind of power armor in the game. May 02, 2014 USF4 T Hawk Condor Spire frame data test and baiting DPs. PN Equipment removed as a requirement for PN Patch. The quest for PAPA3 was starting to give me fits of working and then not working so said forget it. The Hardcore edition is not save game compatiable since it changes all the level lists. - Lower rank wear the T-45d. Placed the Wild Wasteland Markers better so they don't actually appear on the map. 2.0 - Reworked main esp, PN Patch, PA Scaling Patch, and remade the FNC Patch. 2.3 - This was going to be just a minor update as I noticed Tesla enhancements didn't take effect properly...then I started thinking about why there are no Outcast Scribes...except that one in Operation Anchorage... Power Armor Training is a perk in Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas. To install this mod extrace the base Esp as well as the Meshes and Textures folders into your Fallout New Vegas Data folder. SGTbyk47 for the Tribal Power Armor Increased diversity of armor for Citadel Initiates. FNC Patch reworked to remove PN Equipment need. - Scribes given a robe variation from Mojave BoS, one with a hood one without a hood. Formids corrected to fall more in line with TTW standard. Most additional mods rolled into the main mod itself (no extra masters required). - Mojave Brotherhood retains most of their features. Fixed Leveled Lists to make the proper armor spawn in. PN Patch and PA Scaling patch are updated to reflect additions of assets in 5.1.4 - Created and added in a helmet to go with the Tesla Resonance Armor. They should no longer hover or bob when moving. Once you get to the Citadel, you have to talk to Elder Lyons and gain his permission to receive training at the base. Outcast Combat helmets added to PN Visor Overlays Lists for PN Patch. OnyxAbyss - Enclave Recon Armor. LordGermanicus666 Stealth T-51b Power Armor 5.1.1 - Brotherhood given a specific T-45d Texture to differentiate it from standard T-45d. Some assets in this file belong to other authors. Reworked the Power Armor Training Perk. You can now craft Hardened T-45d, Hardened Salvaged T-45d, and Hardened Salvaged T-51b. Log in to view your list of favourite games. 5.0.5 - DC BoS T-51b Armor textures should finally be fixed. This perk must be obtained before a suit of power armor or a power helmet can be operated. I never rea […]" #Fallout76123NV4 Outcast Combat helmet added to PN Visor Overlays lists for PN Patch. Citadel initiates - Capitol Brotherhood wear specific variations of T-51b for Paladins. - Recon helmets given to some BoS members that wear Power Armor but no helmet. GNR Paladins given proper armor. User Info: BGReaperMan. Minor tweaks to the PN edition quest (done as a precaution). 5.0 - Base mod completely rebuilt. BUT the full capabilities of the armor require the Power Armor Training Perk. - Salvaged T-51b Power Armor added into the level lists for the NCR. Any idea why. Rework of PA Scaling (no need for a PN edition anymore). The BoS edition increases Sneak. 2.5 - Special Armor locations and aquisition method changed. Base mod completely rebuilt. folder up. Changed progression and changed around levels that armors begin to appear on NPCs as well. Tribal T-45d changed to not power armor (always wanted it this way and an oversight by my part). Activators created for most of the power armors, even if not yet in use.