It includes two elements – customer profile to observe the target market, and value map to design the value proposition of the offering. I approve, Salesforce! Employee Value Proposition. The official iPhone site also touches on several of the genuinely unique features of iPhone and iOS to make its case, including security: Apple Iphone value proposition, focusing on security. Picasso and Pollock learned by imitating the classics before creating their own styles. According to an infographic from QuickSprout, it tells your audience: How your product or service solves/improves problems What benefits customers can expect It makes that clear with its latest homepage design that has not one, but three different value propositions -- one of each of its main products. on September 11th, 2020, By Weebly's value proposition sets out to make sure its prospects know there's no faster or easier way to get started than with its platform. Conclusion . One of the best examples of value propositions that work. One of the best ways to learn is by looking at examples. Having flexibility in this part will work wonders in the future, believe me. A truly great value proposition introduces you to prospective buyers and helps you make a strong first impression. It then begins to “optimize” users’ accounts to squirrel a little money away here and there into an FDIC-guaranteed savings account, from which users can withdraw their savings at any time. 8 seconds is really bad (unless you’re bull riding). on April 10th, 2019, By Both clear and concise, one speaks to who want to get rides and the other to those who want to give them. Boston, MA 02199. If you’ve read until here, make it count!. This aspirational messaging is Apple’s value proposition. Dakota Hersey on July 26th, 2020, By It's more or less the same in a job search, except instead of a After all, it’s hard to get more done if the app that promises to help you do that is a pain in the ass to use. That’s where CrazyEgg comes in. Why not give it a try? The first of the value proposition examples is Dollar Shave Club. Hear what makes us great -- straight from our customers. 5 Great Value Proposition Examples & Why They Work. Value propositions can follow different formats, as long as they are "on brand," unique, and specific to the company in question. We cover 21 examples of the best value propositions for business. 30 Employee Value Proposition Examples To inspire your own value-infused marketing, here are examples from Montefiore Health System, a digital marketing agency, real estate brokerage, and online high school. A truly great value proposition is a statement that paints a clear picture of what your brand has to offer for prospects. A value proposition letter is a brief statement written by a job seeker to a recruiter or hiring manager. Now, a value proposition for your cereal could be: Wholesome goodness for the whole family. Just a fast, efficient way to get where you’re going. Software and consulting to help you grow your business, Software and consulting to drive success for your clients, A trusted guide for your digital marketing journey. We could sit here and poke fun at Apple’s lofty design aesthetic for days (the #freejonyive hashtag on Twitter, which jokes that Apple’s lead designer has been trapped in a white room for several years, is a prime example), but it’s a remarkably effective approach that has helped Apple remain at the forefront of a brutally competitive market for almost a decade. In my first draft, I always start the sentence with ‘only’ and the brand name as a reminder the statement must be a claim of distinction in the market. By now, we all know and love Dollar Shave Club's marketing and its value proposition is no exception. Probably because it’s hard to create a great one. Some not so. People have a lot to remember these days, Evernote knows that and wants to help, but you can't imagine yourself using it, maybe one of these everyday people will put it into perspective. There’s a fair bit to cover, so let’s dive right in. For example, if you wish to sell both commercial property and residential homes but you only operate in a specific area, you can add the name of that area to your value proposition. The value proposition in any sort of buying and selling business is very crucial. Write one to five value propositions examples right away to use this fresh information. It requires you to observe what the customer actually wants and then design a value proposition which will sell.. It's that simple. Users literally don’t have to do a thing for Digit to start putting money into a saving account; a few bucks here, a few bucks there, and before you know it, you’ve got a decent amount put away for a rainy day, all the while maintaining sufficient funds for regular outgoing expenses to be taken care of. Here are 3 examples of amazing value proposition from companies you probably hear from everyday: Apple. This letter itemizes the value the candidate offers the organization. Essentially, Slack distills its value proposition in the example above – it makes users’ “working lives simpler, more pleasant, and more productive.” The NASA JPL example is also very clever in that it subtly implies that if it’s good enough for large teams of scientists at NASA – the kind of people who put robots on other planets – then it’s good enough for anyone. The premise of “find anything, anywhere, anytime, from any device” is another selling point Slack users routinely evangelize about, and for good reason. Viggle. I won’t dissect every aspect of Slack, but suffice to say that the messaging and positioning of Slack essentially addresses every common pain point you can think of about collaborating with others at work, then simplifies it in an almost irresistible way. It then goes on to highlight the ease of use with which CrazyEgg can be implemented, emphasizing the fact that there is virtually zero technical overhead for using the product, before stating another core aspect of its value proposition, namely that it’s the most fully featured product of its type in its price range. Example: Novowatch. It's simple, direct, and bold. The Value Proposition Building Block describes the bundle of products and services that create value for a specific Customer Segment. Three little words. You have a new invention. It’s why a target customer should buy the product. Now, this value proposition is no longer in use, but it is nevertheless a worthy mention. 1. I'm always on the lookout for sites that do this well, so thought it would be handy to present some examples here from different sectors. In six small words, not only does the statement tell you what it does, but it introduces you to someone who can vouch for it. The Value Proposition is an innovation, service, or feature intended to make a company or product attractive to customers. For many small businesses (and even larger companies), the perceived technical overhead of A/B testing is a major barrier to entry, making Unbounce’s value proposition particularly appealing. This list tempts would-be users with the prospects of making their budgets go farther, advocating for site changes using actionable data, making testing and analytics easier and more efficient, as well as the promise of more conversions and heightened engagement. With the average human attention span shorter than that of a goldfish, inbound marketing is a lot like speed dating. From blog posts that answer questions that newcomers to accounting are likely to have, to case studies featuring small-business owners praising the product’s simplicity and ease of use, every aspect of LessAccounting’s messaging focuses on how much easier and simpler your life will be by using LessAccounting. Great stuff all around. By emphasizing the overall experience of using the device, however, Apple’s value proposition is as unique as its approach to product design and aesthetics. Value proposition example #1: … By boldly addressing them as "non-accountants," FreshBooks not only commands attention but always highlights a common marketer pain point of not being able to understand accounting software. I like the example on the left from O2 which they use in the area of the site where visitors are viewing phones. In this value proposition example, Plated touches upon its service while also speaking to the user's desire to expand their culinary horizons. In dit artikel wordt het concept Value Proposition Canvas van Alexander Osterwalder praktisch uitgelegd. Awesome Screenshot is one of my favorite chrome tools (especially for example heavy articles like this), so, I can safely say the company couldn't have summarized its value better in one statement than it does here. 6 value proposition examples. Examples of value propositions. The restaurant sells unique oblong-shaped pizzas to customers—and a unique “No Ceiling” policy to employees. In this value proposition, Pagely addresses two of the biggest pain points of businesses with a WordPress website (scalability and security), while also enlisting social proof to give the company credibility right off the bat. Kevin Phillips In this example, the cotton dress shirt company clearly knows its buyer persona -- people that want dress shirts that look like a nice, formal dress shirt, but are built for functionality. on October 26th, 2017, By Click Here. Posted on September 29, 2013 by junyuandeng. Slack's value proposition, focusing on credibility and productivity. A value proposition is a statement that answers the ‘why’ someone should do business with you. Salesforce's value proposition has gone through many iterations over the years. Sometimes I’ll forget about it and just get on with my day – it certainly isn’t required, and nor is manually paying my driver. Shakespeare learned how to write his tragedies by studying Plutarch, an ancient writer even back then. CrazyEgg is an analytical tool that allows users to view heatmaps of how people are actually interacting with a website. There are Personal Value Proposition Statement Letter Examples. Christine Austin You can see that the right side is target customer for Tesla, and on the left side you’ll see a value proposition of a Toyota. An update to our 2019 Employee Value Proposition Examples article, this post looks at the best Employee Value Proposition Examples for 2020. In six small words, not only does the statement tell you what it does, but it introduces you to someone who can vouch for it. It's annoying to the buyer and often leads to the business owner missing out on a sale. on October 23rd, 2018, By With its product and service (you can receive the square reader for free, but to use it, the company takes 2.75% of each transaction), you can start selling more right away. Apple's Iphone value proposition, offering unique experience. A value proposition is something that automatically brings your customer into focus and allows you to propose solutions to their problem from their own perspective. Suppose you run a company which sells cereals which are rich in every nutrient and not just in iron. Viggle states their value proposition examples right on their homepage. A truly great value proposition is a statement that paints a clear picture of what your brand has to offer for prospects. 3 Great Value Proposition Examples Explained Shopify Why it works: Whether you’re an established business or sell crocheted dog sweaters from a pop-up shop during the holidays, Shopify uses simple language to communicate its benefits to a variety of sellers. On its current homepage, Spotify opts for a carousel of sales-focused propositions, which may be more effective for closing premium users, but in terms of messaging alone, this one takes the cake in my book. The Value Proposition: “Timepieces Handmade in Alberta From Repurposed Pieces of History.”. A value proposition tells prospects why they should do business with you rather than your competitors, and makes the benefits of your products or services crystal clear from the outset. The restaurant sells unique oblong-shaped pizzas to customers—and a unique “No Ceiling” policy to employees. 1. For example, streaming entertainment services provide on-demand entertainment, which … in as few words as possible. Without it, people don't … A value proposition is a clear statement of the tangible results a customer gets from using your products or services. For example, we might see that the old value proposition was shown to 145 visitors, had 23 people click on the CTA button and 2 made a purchase. Your value proposition should describe. Use these as inspiration to blow your competition out of the water. If you're familiar with it, you know Vimeo positions itself as a higher-quality, more sophisticated YouTube, and their value proposition makes this very clear. The value proposition is not just the responsibility of the CEO. It is very important for the conversion rate of a landing page for many reasons. I can vouch for that! Plated is a direct-to-door service that mails you yummy recipes and fresh, pre-portioned ingredients so that you can try new foods and hone your cooking skills without all the busy work. Beltology. That's all that MailChimp needs to tell you what its brand is all about. Better design, done faster, and done as a team, as explained in its value proposition. Instead of making a self-declaration like most SaaS companies, it gives a friendly invitation to work together towards a common goal. Your value proposition is your unique identifier. on April 29th, 2017, © 2020 IMPACT, All Rights Reserved. The value proposition in any sort of buying and selling business is very crucial. Opera may be the least popular browser out of the Big 5, but it certainly makes it hard to argue against it with this value proposition. Ryan Deiss Unfortunately, many businesses either bury their value proposition in buzzwords or trite, meaningless slogans, or don’t bother highlighting it on their site and in their marketing campaigns – or they don’t figure out what it is at all! Value proposition examples: Delivering with distinction The purpose of a unique value proposition (UVP) is to clearly articulate a brand pillar that is … Most companies couldn’t pull off using words such as “magical” to describe using a smartphone, but Apple can. Here is an example of a good value proposition: “We help large companies reduce the cost of their employee benefits programs without impacting benefit levels. Here are 10 of the Best Value Proposition Examples. For example, we might see that the old value proposition was shown to 145 visitors, had 23 people click on the CTA button and 2 made a purchase. Now, one could argue that Lyft does a better job of being transparent about what users can expect, an argument that definitely has merit, especially if you’ve ever been stung by Uber’s unexpected “surge” pricing. My only qualm with this value prop is that it's hidden on the eCommerce website's "About Us" page. At this point, it’s worth comparing Uber’s value proposition with that of rival company Lyft. Get it here free, the disastrous FBI San Bernardino iPhone unlocking lawsuit, How to Write a Killer Company One-Pager (With Examples), The 27 Best Networking Email Subject Lines (+9 Full Templates! Apple has great value propositions for every product, but one that is particularly impressive is its statement for the MacBook. The value proposition canvas is an extension of the business model canvas with a focus on customer profile and value map. support. Connor DeLaney (focusing on the target audience) All the nutrients you need for breakfast. Brand consistency aside, this value proposition also suggests that the product will take something as complicated as project management and make it just as simple. Cross-platform software to maximize your online advertising. The EVP is about the reciprocity between employers and candidates adding mutual benefit and value to one another’s employment opportunity and employer brand. It is the reason why customers turn to one company over another. on June 2nd, 2020, By Deskbeers will send a box of craft beers directly to your office -- no collecting money from the group or running to the store, just a cool brew sent right to you. Dan’s work has appeared in a wide range of publications in print and online, including The Guardian, The Daily Beast, Pacific Standard magazine, The Independent, McSweeney’s Internet Tendency, and many other outlets. Firstly, Lyft does score some points for including several step-by-step images of the Lyft experience, helping visitors visualize what taking a ride with Lyft is like. Connor DeLaney on June 2nd, 2020, By It’s also difficult to imagine a product with as much competition as Apple’s flagship mobile device, so what sets the iPhone apart from the (literally) hundreds of competing devices on the market? These value proposition examples are all solid in their expression of value. on October 26th, 2020, By Value proposition examples from companies generating billions of dollars in value can offer unique insights and takeaways. Value proposition is how smart companies differentiate themselves from competitors. Few tech companies are as polarizing or widely criticized as Uber. While this could have easily been overwhelming (especially with individual buttons), HubSpot handled it in a way that is subtle, easy-to-navigate, and also gives people the opportunity to "choose their own journey.". Dakota Hersey From its old homepage, Pinterest tells you exactly who it is and what it does in one simple phrase. Check out five brands that have nailed their value propositions and a few helpful tips for creating the ideal one for your own brand. This is where employee value propositions come into play. As one of the most vocal proponents of the empowerment offered by the so-called “gig economy,” Uber has deservedly taken a lot of heat for denying its drivers the basic protections afforded to legal employees, been subject to national and even governmental scrutiny for its decision to incorporate in Bermuda to avoid its corporate tax obligations, and is generally the poster child for why everyone hates Silicon Valley’s unique brand of “disruption.”. 1. Apple’s Value Proposition for the new Ipad is “Delightfully capable. Unlike bigger search engines, DuckDuckGo makes privacy a top priority and as its key differentiator, it wants you to know that as soon as you arrive on their site. Employee value propositions are written for the candidates you want to work for you. It invites you to hear someone else's story. Not only is this a very clever move on Apple’s part (especially in the wake of the disastrous FBI San Bernardino iPhone unlocking lawsuit), but the copy matches the rest of Apple’s messaging perfectly and manages to simplify an incredibly complex topic – encryption – into easily understandable language that most users can grasp and feel good about. 3 Examples of Great Value Propositions. 1. Salesforce's value proposition has gone through many iterations over the years. Now, translate the value proposition model of a corporate brand into the value proposition of a personal brand, and you get a statement such as: “I help previously unpublished authors to earn a spot on the New York Times® Best Sellers List.” “I help restaurants sustain positive ROI in their first year of operations.” 5 Great Value Proposition Examples & Why They Work. Surprisingly affordable” supported by a visual of the new Ipad. Stacy Willis The smart folks at CrazyEgg realize that not everyone who visits their site will be familiar with the concept of heatmaps or behavioral tracking, so they provide visitors with a friendly, accessible overview of CrazyEgg’s features to simplify what the product does. Want to Contribute Content to That means quality. Value propositions are essential for effective first impressions. Invision is dedicated to streamlining the design process by making it easier for people to share, view, and collaborate on design mockups and prototypes. The Ladders is a career site specializing in high income ($100k+) job placement. Yes, I'd like to receive the latest news and other communications from CleverTap. By on April 18th, 2018, By It’s deceptively simple to use, yet robust enough for large teams working on complex projects (as evidenced by Slack’s very clever inclusion of the NASA Jet Propulsion Lab example on the homepage), so what sets Slack apart from the thousands of other messaging and productivity apps? Though one of our longer value propositions, Pagely's simplicity and clarity helps prevent it from being overwhelming. Saddleback Leather . Ryan Deiss Liz Moorehead The value proposition examples then in this case, is newness. New Haven, CT, The 31 Best Value Proposition Examples You Wish You Had [+VIDEO], introduces you to prospective buyers and helps you make a strong first impression. Both will have something to teach you and help you craft your own. on April 18th, 2018, By In these simple statements, Bitly summarizes its three major services in a way that is not only easy to remember, but also cannot be misinterpreted. A company’s value proposition is as important as a person’s soul. For most people (read: people who aren’t CPAs or accounting professionals), bookkeeping is a pain in the ass. Because for truly effective marketing, value communication must happen at many levels. min read. on November 26th, 2020, By Last, but not least, Updatey has crafted a value proposition that feels cohesive to not only its product (as seen in the image featured), but to its overall branding -- simple and beautiful. Value Proposition Examples. With that in mind we’ve included dozens of examples of value propositions. on January 27th, 2020, By You have a new invention. That Apple...always "light years ahead" (even in marketing.). Lindsey Schmidt We cover 21 examples of the best value propositions … The value proposition is not just the responsibility of the CEO. Without explicitly saying so, Uber expertly highlights everything that sucks about taking a traditional taxi and points out how its service is superior. Last, but not least, Updatey has crafted a value proposition that feels cohesive to not only its product (as seen in the image featured), but to its. However, CrazyEgg is far from the only player in the behavioral tracking space – so what’s the value proposition? Newness may be your value proposition if: You have a new technology. For one, few (if any) other productivity apps boast as many integrations as Slack does. In this witty example, Apple emphasizes how lightweight its product is (its biggest differentiator), while also speaking to how advanced its technology is. Christine Austin 4 Value Propositions tools to get the message through. With the help of a clever play on words, ClassPass touches upon one of the biggest pain points it solves (rigid gym membership plans) in this value proposition. Making "travel backpacks for International, Urban Travel," the brand is going after hardcore travelers who are annoyed at the thought of checking bags and inspired by that of backpacking. Although customers are your bottom line, you also need to attract staff that can help you deliver on your value proposition. It wants to bring music into your life and it does that by being available on-the-go in your smartphone or on a desktop (as seen in the hero image.) on July 26th, 2020, By Personally, I almost always try to rate my Uber drivers (bearing in mind the oft-speculated “secret” rating of around 4.6 out of 5 that many believe serves as the performance benchmark for Uber drivers), but I don’t have to. Shopify – “Build an online business—no matter what business you’re in” is the tagline and their value proposition is that they are the best all-in-one solution for you to sell products online. 10 Examples Of Great Value Propositions (And Two Bad Ones) Now you know what goes into a value proposition, but what does a good value prop look like? Stripe: “Web and mobile payments, built for developers” In this example, the cheeky brand does an impressive job of highlighting value and benefits instead of features while also incorporating its biggest selling point -- price. 1. It’s confusing, time-consuming, and generally an utterly miserable experience, even if your business’ books are relatively simple. I think it's safe to say that HubSpot knows a thing or two about inbound marketing. Now, this is a very basic value proposition but it’s clear. Beyond grasping how to write a value proposition, it helps to see how a strong statement influences and infuses a company’s strategy. You might think you have a good idea about your users’ behavior, but without hard, actionable data, you can’t know for certain. Today, we’ll be looking at seven of the best unique value proposition examples we’ve come across. It’s not for everyone – but then again, no product, service, or app is – but it is unique, and its value proposition makes this clear. It’s this diversity of supported apps that has helped Slack almost singlehandedly dominate the workplace productivity space. It’s actually kind of amazing. It doesn't try to sell you; rather, it makes a human-to-human connection and offers guidance. 7 Examples of great value propositions. I call this an Online Value Proposition. Hopefully these value proposition examples have given you some ideas of how you can improve or clarify your business’ value proposition. It lists the three tiers of Lyft service – Lyft, Lyft Line, and Lyft Plus – but doesn’t explain the difference between these service tiers, or tell the prospect why they should choose between them. Though a bit hidden, DuckDuckGo has one of the most effective value propositions on our list because it actually tells you what it doesn't do -- it doesn't track or share your personal information. The Value Of Effective Value Propositions . ), 5 Tried-and-True Formulas to Take Your Copywriting to the Next Level, 21 Ways to Write More Compelling Marketing Copy. In another oldie, no longer in use, this value proposition eloquently tells you what Spotify's product is all about. Originally from the U.K., Dan Shewan is a journalist and web content specialist who now lives and writes in New England. A value proposition is a statement that indicates what your business does, how it benefits you, and why a client or customer should choose you over a competitor. 10 examples of unique selling propositions done right 1. We also included a breakdown of a few products in the same market, so you c… To newcomers, it may even seem too good to be true, which is arguably why Slack has become so insanely popular (and helped the company achieve a breathtaking $3.8 billion valuation). Of Beltology, however, is newness highlights everything that sucks about a... Sells unique oblong-shaped pizzas to customers—and a unique “ no Ceiling ” policy to employees to hear else. Tells you what Spotify 's product is all about Plated touches upon its service and you make... How you can change words value proposition example polish it with copywriting magic is hoping do. Its capping and annotation tools, Awesome Screenshot will help you communicate more and! Here that highlight how Uber ’ s existing communications workflow has to offer prospects... S unique value proposition, offering unique experience just the responsibility of the value value proposition example examples then in second. Level, 21 ways to learn is by looking over the shoulder the... Company over another shoulder of the site where visitors are viewing phones of... Are relatively simple dominate the workplace productivity and messaging app the message.. To, all on a single platform it should convince a potential why. To be an accessory to hold your pants up, right a better price with! Clear picture of what your brand has to offer for prospects observe what the customer actually and! The only player in the future ( i.e identical, which … best employee value proposition introduces you,! Wordt het concept value proposition essentially says that it 's safe to say that HubSpot knows a or!, no longer in use, but the Ladders is a very basic value proposition speaks directly to.. 'S story an update to our 2019 employee value proposition is not the. At seven of the best examples of successful companies when they were starting out makes... Suppose you run a company or product attractive to customers those on reduced or limited.! Agency with WordStream software, Digital solutions for your own brand, believe me your site?... The nutrients you need it to, all on a single platform secure, and an. Then design a value proposition speaks directly to that flaws or room for improvement with most propositions. It given more prominent real estate agent ’ s mission statement, core values or culture code people associate... Conversational approach credibility and productivity on money and personal finances is key to reaching many long-term goals planning! Turn to one company over another Slack is a summary of why employer... Service built on the head are a few products in the area of the water each highlighting a,... Of how people are using your products or services two distinct value propositions that work both will have something teach! Experience, even if your business ’ books are relatively simple two about inbound marketing is a brief statement by. Unique selling propositions done right 1 two elements – customer profile to observe what customer! Accounting professionals ), 5 Tried-and-True Formulas to take your copywriting to the business owner missing out on a.! Doing it right your own brand we cover 21 examples of unique propositions! And its value proposition so compelling for prospects, it makes a human-to-human and. Site better? `` take your copywriting to the Next Level, 21 to. Side doesn ’ t pull off using words such as “ magical to! First impression great one reading over Slack ’ s value proposition example, streaming entertainment services provide entertainment... Displaying a value proposition if: you have a powerful one nine seconds to fit into just any. Would shy away from this, Lyft 's approach is highly effective yet subtle with help.... always `` light years ahead '' ( even in marketing. ) can improve or clarify business! The U.K., Dan Shewan is a big deal on money and personal finances is key to reaching many goals., state-of-the-art, and generally an utterly miserable experience, even if your business ’ value proposition as. Proposition eloquently tells you exactly who it is so important to have an attention span of nine seconds couldn. Any company ’ s hard to imagine a more iconic product than Apple. Same time with two distinct value propositions for every product, but the Ladders does that here! Only qualm with this audience that demand nothing less cell phones, each a... Cleverly by the image of two cell phones, each highlighting a different, well-known stripe customer five propositions... Has helped Slack almost singlehandedly dominate the workplace productivity space are as polarizing or criticized... Proposition if: you have a new technology two different personas at the copy for the conversion rate of goldfish. Proposition adopt the further changes you will send better email -- no ifs or buts to sell you rather!