PDF: Save to final print size as "print quality". Add cropmarks and bleeds, if needed.
EPS: Convert all text to outlines (curves for Windows) or include all MAC fonts and support graphics.
TIFF: 300 DPI (min) for print, 72 DPI (min) for web.

Supported Applications Acceptable File Types
Illustrator® CS2 or CS AI, EPS, or PDF
Illustrator® 8-10 AI, EPS
InDesign® CS3 or CS INDD or PDF
InDesign® 1.5, 2 INDD, support images/fonts
Photoshop® CS2 or earlier PSD, TIFF, or PDF
QuarkXpress® 6, 6.5 PDF (or QXD, support images/fonts)
QuarkXpress® 3-5 QXD, support images/fonts
PageMaker® 6.5, 7 PageMaker Document, support images/fonts (no PDFs please)
Freehand® 8-MX FreeHand Document
Fireworks® MX 2004 or earlier Fireworks PNG
Dreamweaver® 8 or earlier HTM or HTML, CSS
Publisher® PDF Only
Corel Draw® 12 or earlier EPS Preferred
Acrobat® 7.0 or earlier PDF Only