“Life is very interesting,” Bello stated. “Longtail has operated aircraft ranging in size from turboprops and light jets to Boeing Business Jets, and was the first non-US carrier to achieve the ARG/US Platinum rating. In particular, the person or persons responsible for the following duties should be named: To be completed by the Air Operator and/or Approved Maintenance Organisation. Note: An AOC Application – Preliminary Information Form – Form 9000 will be provided on receipt of the information for completion by the nominees for Accountable Manager and Postholders for Operations Manager, Chief Pilot and Training Manager. With the AOC received, Galistair Trading Ltd is now eligible to start commercial flight operations. While this direction is meant to assist companies of all sizes, some of the detailed information requested may not be applicable to smaller companies. EGO Airways is a new Italian regional airline founded in July 2019 by Italian business people. A right-wing Trump fellating "rag" if ever there was one. State the Approved Maintenance Organisation and how the maintenance is carried out in Block 8 of this section if applicable. (for FORMS 9531 Airspace Approval, 9019 Part NCC Article 134 Approval, 9022 Low Vis Ops Approval), Guide for the Completion of AOC Application – Form 9000A, AOC Application – Preliminary Information Form – Form 9000, Details of Accountable Manager and Postholders – Form 9001, AOC Supplementary Financial Info – Form 9001D, Aircraft Maintenance Organisation Approvals, Continued Airworthiness Management Organisation Approvals, The issue and amendment of operations and training manuals, and other instructions to members of operating crews, Controlling the rostering of crew for flying duty, Accepting operational commitments (i.e., deciding whether or not a particular charter or flight can be undertaken), Ensuring that crew training and periodical tests are carried out as necessary, The discipline and general supervision of flying staff, Coordinating any necessary action arising from Commander’s voyage and incident reports, Making arrangements for the services of handling agents, Liaising with maintenance organizations, including contractors, on airworthiness matters and the continuing satisfactory implementation of the declared maintenance support arrangements. This information shall offer a better picture of the proposed operation of the business and how it plans to be profitable. Tariq liaises with operators based all over the world, from Asia-Pacific Countries to Africa and North America. All operators of commercial air transport, be it under an AOC or FAR Parts 121 or 135, shall only utilise flight crew who are in conformity with the ICAO Annex 1 standard, namely that the operating pilots must not have attained, or exceeded, the age of 65 years on the date of the flight to Bermuda (TXKF). The BCAA may only grant an AOC to an operator that has its principal place of business in Bermuda once we are satisfied that the applicant is competent to safely operate the types of aircraft specified in the certificate, on flights and for the purposes described. General Rules And Procedures. “I became known in the market while successfully operating in BBJ/ACJ world almost a decade ago. Aircraft on the Bermuda Aircraft Registry require inspections every other year, as … News Release: Hamilton, Bermuda The Bermuda Civil Aviation Authority (BCAA) has announced the addition of a B747-400F Freighter to Longtail Aviation’s fleet and the Bermuda Aircraft Registry following approval and issuance of Operations Specifications last Friday. Provide a proposed business plan outlining how the company will be structured and operate. ©2020 BERMUDA CIVIL AVIATION AUTHORITY,  All Rights Reserved. “With the acquisition Bello will serve as Chairman of the Board of the entities that own Longtail Aviation, while longtime CEO and Accountable Manager Amick will continue in those roles. Longtail Aviation is Bermuda’s only Aircraft Operating Certificate (AOC) operator serving the Caribbean and Worldwide. This is the directory listings of all the best cruising/boating tour operators in Bermuda. The processes involved in the granting of an AOC are fairly lengthy and follow the five stages established by the ICAO: The steps for completing the “pre-certification phase” are described below, along with the associated information form. All “trading names” used should be specified. Amazing', A Bermudian: Congratulations to Ms. Berry. International deployment sites include Barbados, Bermuda, and … If a “trading name” is adopted subsequent to the completion of the application form or the issue of the AOC, notify the BCAA at the address above. Galistair's Airbus A321 is now registered as 9H-VDB and will shortly begin new operations with their GTR flight code. ... Bermuda navigation item 17; Who can afford to, sandgrownan: The Trump Legacy: Trade deficit: up. Use the information below as a guide for completing the preliminary information Form 9000 for the issue, renewal or variation of an AOC. The airline will operate two Embraer ERJ 190-100s operated by WDL Aviation.… OPERATIONS SPECIFICATIONS (subject to the approved conditions in the operations manual) BERMUDA DEPARTMENT OF CIVIL AVIATION CONTACT DETAILS Tel: +1-441-2931640 Fax: +1-441-2932417 E-mail: AOC No: BDA/AOC/0104 Operator name: Longtail AviationJÌtÞr Date: 1st April 2012 Signature: Lihtited Aircraft model: F-900 Registration(s): VQ-BZž The Air Operator shall provide details of all aircraft associated with the company. Bermuda Civil Aviation Authority Mr. Merlo will continue to serve as Aon (Bermuda) Ltd.’s chief counsel. The BCAA may only grant an AOC to an operator that has its principal place of business in Bermuda once we are satisfied that the applicant is competent to safely operate the types of aircraft specified in the certificate, on flights and for the purposes described. The description below assumes that the crew is employed by the AOC / 135 operator. Bermuda Tour Operators Directory - Find reputed tour operators in Bermuda, Travel Agents and Companies in Bermuda, Travel Agency in Bermuda. The Bermuda Aircraft Registry is classified as ‘offshore’, which means that it has attractive benefits to aircraft owners and operators that are based outside of the country, and meet the eligibility requirements. State details concerning proposed training in aircraft and/or simulator. Established on-demand charter Air Carrier under FAR Part 135. Unemployment rate: rising. Established Bermuda's only Air Carrier (BDA/AOC/0104) Director of Operations Charter Ops Sep 2002 - Dec 2003 1 year 4 months. This Overseas Territories Aviation Circular provides guidance on the implications of leasing by Territory operators of foreign-registered aircraft for Commercial Air Transport or aerial work operations and of operations by Territory AOC holders on behalf of a foreign operator. This is a list of general aviation operators that have an air operator's certificate issued by the Civil Aviation Authority of New Zealand. The BCAA requires evidence of suitable insurance cover in respect of aeroplanes, passengers, carried goods and third-party claims, before issuing or renewing an AOC. “Longtail has the distinction of holding the world’s only Bermuda AOC, which means they are the only company with the direct authority to operate charter flights with Bermuda registered aircraft. Specifically, the DCA has implemented the Overseas Territories Aviation Requirements (OTAR) Part 125 under directions from the United Kingdom’s Department for Transport, in order to provide a “more cohesive system of civil aviation … LOL - the real one: FBI agent undermines Pelosi's claim of insurrection 'incitement' While the offerings vary, some popular combination tours include offshore or island beach snorkeling, swimming, glass bottom view of marine life and corals, sightseeing … This address should also be used for the submission of any other documentation relating to an AOC application. A spokesperson said, “The acquisition with an infusion of capital to assist in growing the company will allow Longtail to offer the world a viable, first world aircraft management solution with no passenger seat or maximum weight restrictions. St. George's GE BX +91-8929175340 Plan A Trip Operations Center (AOC) in Lakeland, FL with deployments to U.S. coastal locations in the western Gulf of Mexico for suitable Gulf storms, as well as other locations along the U.S. East Coast, as well as the U.S. Virgin Islands (St. Croix). All traffic is non-scheduled. Use this page to search 3,438 charter companies with 15,898 aircraft.. of AOC Holders and Geographic Location • (1) AOC in Bermuda • “Longtail Aviation” • www.longtailaviation.bm • (2) Falcon 900B VP-BMB\BZZ • (1) Clifford Citation S/II • (1) King Air 350 • Air Charter\AMO\CAMO • Founded 1999, Longtail is first Carrier to earn a Bermuda AOC … Annual Fees A Bermuda corporation with an authorized capital of up to $12,000 USD pays an annual registration fee of $1,780 USD. He joined the company in 2004. All applicants must complete this section which collects basic information, including the name and mailing address of the company, the address of the main base of operation and the proposed start of operation date. Requirements vary depending on country but generally include aircraft airworthiness, adequate personnel and operating systems and proof of sufficient finances, amongst others things. Galistair Trading Ltd has received its Air Operator Certificate (AOC) and Air operator License (AOL), which was granted by the Transport Malta Civil Aviation Directorate. Bermuda BermudaAirportAuthority AMDT01/2020 Enclosed herewith is the Amendment 01-20 for the Aeronautical Information Publication (AIP) of Bermuda. The current Aircraft Registry includes a mix of both private aircraft and commercial aircraft operated on a Bermuda Air Operator’s Certificate (AOC)or under Article 83 bis Agreements of the Convention on International Civil Aviation. Abortion rate: rising. Air Uganda, one of the Ugandan-registered operators whose Air Operator Certificate (AOC) was withdrawn, has taken to the media, faulting the actions of Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). Bermuda. If an aircraft is foreign registered, attach a copy of the lease agreement to the form. It shows that if you focus and consistently do the right thing, at some point, you’ll not only be recognized, but rewarded for it.’”, Longtail Aviation Announce ‘Major Investment’, BCAA Approves Longtail Aviation Cargo Plane, Aircraft Registry Significantly Reduces CofA Fees, Bermuda Civil Aviation Team In Kazakhstan, Aviation Safety Meeting Being Held In Bermuda, Video: Sunday April 28th ‘Good News’ Spotlight, “Return To Play” Guidance For Sporting Activities, Official Govt & Legal Notices For Jan 21 2021, Covid: 2 New Positive Cases, 54 Currently Active, 2020 Air Passenger Traffic Down Nearly 80%, Early-Stage InsurTech Competition To Be Held, Ministry: 45 Bus Runs Cancelled On Thursday, Restaurant Weeks Review: Crown And Anchor, LOL - the real one: BTA staff trying hard to earn their paychecks by linking story to restaurant week. The process for obtaining an AOC is fully aligned with ICAO requirements. An operator’s “principal place of business” is defined as the primary location: from which flight operations and maintenance management and control are exercised; where the majority of the operational and safety-related records are kept; and at which accountable managers are based. Authorised Third Country Operators State Name AOC Operator Name Doing Business As AOC Number EASA TCO code Albania AIR ALBANIA SH.P.K. Commercial Operations (passenger and/or cargo) may only be conducted if the operator has been granted, and continues to hold, an Air Operator’s Certificate (AOC) from the BCAA. Finally, details concerning management and key personnel staff are essential if contact is required. I think a lot of people support KBB's mission and realize how easy it. LOL..Wing Nut Daily. Directory of charter operators. All flights advertised to which Victor has access are owned and operated by a properly licensed third party air carrier with Part 135 and Part 121 authority from the Federal Aviation Administration (or other appropriate authority under US or foreign law) and Department of Transportation. The IS-BAO is recognized by the american National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) and European Business Aviation Association (EBAA), compliance with the IS-BAO is compulsory for operations of aircrafts registered in the Cayman Islands, Aruba, and Bermuda. sandgrownan: WND? 1. Fly Victor is a charter broker with a global digital jet charter market place, and is not a direct air carrier. AOC is a document that allows an air operator company to use aircraft for commercial purposes in certain subjects and areas. “Longtail Aviation, Bermuda’s only AOC holder [Air Carrier] added the Freighter to its VIP Charter Business as its first dedicated all-cargo aircraft. After obtaining the AOC, flight operations will start on March 28, 2021. An operator must have a management organisation capable of exercising operational control and supervision over any flight operated under the terms of the AOC. This document will as a minimum detail the aircraft types which may be used, for what purpose and in what geographi… Long considered the ideal candidate worldwide for assisting with the registration of any newly acquired aircraft, Bermuda’s tax neutrality is another unique asset the company possessed, along with conformity inspection for commercial operations. We can take on anything from a Boeing 737, Lineage 1000 to an Airbus 330 or a 747-800 cargo aircraft,” Bello said. For Bello, his involvement in Longtail represents a personal journey that has taken him full circle. Include details of types of aircraft by make, model, series, number of passenger seats or cargo payload capacity and any other pertinent information. The description will cover the typical case where an aircraft is operated commercially by international AOC / Part 135 charter certificate holders. An air operator certificate (AOC), sometimes alternatively described as an Air Operator Permit (AOP), is the approval granted from a national aviation authority (National Aviation Authority (NAA)) to an aircraft operator to allow it to use aircraft for commercial purposes. 'This exonerates Trump. Bermuda business acquired for Journey April 30, 2019 As the only holder of a Bermuda AOC, Longtail Aviation fell prey to the acquisitive eye of Journey Aviation CEO Fabian Bello. Bldg 332 East 11 Waller’s Point Road St. George’s DD03 Bermuda BERMUDA AIRPORTAUTHORITY AERONAUTICALINFORMATIONSERVICE 1. Bermuda’s Aircraft Registry has earned a solid reputation … “Through this acquisition led by Bello, Longtail is now positioned to accommodate any customer, anywhere in the world from their strategic Bermuda location, and establish first world operations in areas that have traditionally been underutilized. EGO Airways plans to fly to 7 destinations from Forli and Catania and later Milan-Malpensa. The proposed type of operation shall be specified if the information is required by the type of maintenance program. Once this first phase is completed, the BCAA and the applicant will communicate directly with the aim of progressing through the remaining phases. CHICAGO, April 3, 2008 — Aon (Bermuda) Ltd., a unit of Aon Corporation (NYSE: AOC), has promoted Michael G. Merlo, 36, to executive vice president from senior vice president, responsible for strategy and business development. Particular regard will be paid to the applicant’s: The operator must establish and maintain to the satisfaction of the BCAA a safety management system appropriate to the size and complexity of the operation. Longtail Aviation announced a major investment into the company by an investment team led by aviation favorite and veteran Fabian Bello, CEO of Journey Aviation in Boca Raton, Florida. As Flight Operations Inspector, Tariq Lynch-Wade is responsible for the regulatory oversight of Bermuda’s AOC Holder (Longtail Aviation) and Private aircraft registered with BCAA. No. “Longtail has the distinction of holding the world’s only Bermuda AOC, which means they are the only company with the direct authority to operate charter flights with Bermuda registered aircraft. Operations Center (AOC) in Lakeland, FL with deployments to U.S. coastal locations in the western Gulf of Mexico for suitable Gulf storms, as well as other locations along the U.S. East Coast, as well as the U.S. Virgin Islands (St. Croix). In Block 10, provide the proposed route structure as well as the areas where intended operations will be conducted (e.g., the Middle East, Americas, Africa, etc.).